Ecology, costs, authenticity: why choose a natural swimming pool?

The natural pool has many advantages for bathing in a wild environment. It is a more ecological alternative to traditional swimming pools thanks to the functioning of the ecosystem and costs less to maintain. However, the construction of the basin will be more expensive than a conventional pool.

Plants, rocks or even fish etc. Natural pools are home to a very living and natural ecosystem. The natural pool is not only a great way to add greenery and life around your home, but could also become a more ecological way to enjoy this refreshing leisure activity.

What are the pros and cons of building a natural swimming pool at a time when environmental conservation is paramount?

Reduce maintenance costs

Conventional swimming pools require a lot of maintenance and consume energy. France knows about it: it is the European country with the largest number of private swimming pools. The Federation of Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals counted more than 3 million in 2021.

As with traditional ponds, the bottom of the natural pool should be cleaned at least once a week, while the plants should be pruned regularly. But the natural pool significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Because despite these few human efforts, the use of chlorine and other chemicals to maintain the clarity of the water must be abandoned. The water in the natural pool is self-cleaning, because every part is useful for the ecosystem: the stones trap dirt, the plants provide oxygen for the water and the animals eliminate insects.

In winter it is not necessary to cover the pool: the ecosystem contributes to the good health of the environment by remaining usable all year round. This also avoids emptying, which is required three to four times a year for conventional pools.

Make the garden look natural

If the maintenance of the natural pool is more respectful, this basin can give a wild aspect to the outside of the house. It does not meet building standards and can be given the desired look to blend in with the landscape: the shape of an oasis, a pond or a natural lake!

A more expensive build

This is perhaps the only drawback of the natural pool: the construction costs. Experts speak of an additional cost of around 30%. According to, media specialized in swimming pool themes, the budget for a natural swimming pool varies between 20,000 and 35,000 €. A classic swimming pool costs at least € 15,000.

But the sun hides behind the shadows: the natural pools are not subject to housing tax, nor to property tax.

(ETX Daily Up)

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