Meal delivery: 4 platforms sign charter to fight illegal work

Behind meal delivery services is an obscure reality: violations of labor rights, illegal work… Controversies have arisen over several companies that employ self-employed delivery drivers. To change practices and reassure customers, several platforms (Deliveroo, Frichti, Uber Eats and Stuart) signed a charter on Tuesday, April 5. Their promise: to strengthen and harmonize the resources deployed to fight fraud and illegal work, reports Le Figaro

To ensure the good faith of the platforms, the Directorate-General for Labor will conduct a point with them every quarter. † It’s about making sure good practices spread.”provides details of the Ministry of Labor Figaro“Several hundreds of fake accounts have been deactivated since the discussions began. The ministry here refers to the practice of ‘subletting’ delivery accounts. Typically, freelancers sublet their accounts to illegal immigrants and/or minors in exchange for a commission.

For example, to avoid this particular case, Deliveroo and Uber Eats have introduced an identity check through a selfie, the national newspaper recalls. Uber Eats also monitors the delivery pool (50,000 people). Every month, the platform ensures that up to 300 fake accounts are deactivated.

Will these measures be sufficient to contain abuses?

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