Lycra launches a new insulation fiber made from textile waste and recycled bottles

Faced with climate challenges, it is more necessary than ever to innovate in textiles, one of the most polluting industries in the world. To move in this direction, The LYCRA Company unveiled the launch of a new insulating fiber on January 26. baptized THERMOLITE® EcoMade, this fiber consists of 50% recycled PET bottles and 35% textile waste from cutting workshops, according to a press release from the brand.

In concrete terms, instead of being thrown away or burned, the scraps of fabric are collected from the workshops, we learn on the Mode Textile site. They then enter a new production process to be converted into “wadding and insulation”available “in fine and medium fleece”.

“Our new waste textile fibers can be used in unique fleece constructions to deliver exceptional warming performance”Enthusiastic Arnaud Ruffin, Vice President at The LYCRA Company.

Proof that we can innovate while implementing initiatives while reducing waste and waste.

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