Love and Sexuality: The 12 Words You Need to Know to Avoid Getting Dumped in 2022

Our little love lexicon contains 12 words to indicate sexual identities in all their diversity and new love practices. So, do you feel more demisexual, cisgender, disphorasexual or autosexual? 12 words, 12 months: in 2022 it will shake up (or not)!


It doesn’t make much sense to practice strip pole dancing to arouse an asexual. The “ACE” remains like a chicken before a knife. And don’t take it personally, the asexual person doesn’t desire anyone. However, ACEs may want to build a life together, but without the trifle. On good terms…


We won’t take an autosexual person to contort himself to try on a pair of jeans, and tired of an ass deemed unflattering, put him back on the shelf. Autosexuals love each other. In the sexual sense of kiff. This fatal attraction to one’s own body confirms the adage “one is never so well served as by oneself”

very curious

The Bicurious is potentially very (very) open about the issue of bisexuality. Well-mannered curiosity, all it takes is a little extra drink (and Katy Perry’s song “I kissed a girl” hits the spot) to get him or her a little entrepreneurial with people of the same sex. †


“Do you like chemistry? If you are told that on active flirt networks we are not talking about fireplaces, but about Chemsex, sex under drugs. Psychoactive products that stimulate your senses, and which incidentally have plunged a large number of followers into an addiction that is very difficult to get rid of.


“CIS” Men and women have gender identities that perfectly match their birth gender. These privileged children are very comfortable with their social gender and do not have to make announcements or enter into administrative battles… But they have to meet the expectations of society according to their gender, which is to be sensitive and to like people. a woman, or never cry and know how to disassemble a glove box if you are a man.


Paul Rudd or Kendall Jenner turn you on? So you are not demisexual.
A demisexual person can only feel physical desire for someone with whom they have formed a strong emotional bond. A one night stand is a concept that cannot be thought of for a moment. But just like a platonic relationship. In short, demisexuals would be cut out for love…


From the Greek “dys” meaning hard, and “phoros” meaning “heavy toll”. Basically, if you want to scare a dysphorasexual person, present an image of a sexual act. The very idea of ​​mating is simply impossible for them to bear.


It is better to stick to the road when you get together with a hypersexual. They used to be called satyrs or nymphomaniacs. Hypersexual is more beautiful, but just as rhythmic. It will be always and everywhere. You have been warned. Fasten your seat belt, it may vibrate!


Non-binaries can feel male or female, the combination or neither. They will take a little longer to decide when faced with the administrative forms and will eventually crumple the sheet. Sir, madam or madam, very little for them. We also speak of gender dysphoria (GD), or when the gender identity does not match the sex assigned at birth…

Pansexual / Panromantic

Pansexual people are to sex what a flexitarian is to food. They eat everything. The pansexual does not consider the gender of the other at all. He-she will be seduced by what the person radiates. Sex is the expression of romantic and spiritual love. The trite expression “open the field of possibilities” finally takes on its full meaning here.

Polyamory / Polysexual

The polyamorous and the polyamorous are not exclusive. They engage in several love affairs at the same time, with the informed consent of the stakeholders. Free and supposed loves based on the delicate art of multiplication. Polyamorous have forcibly become communication professionals. Only problem: the big tables for the holidays. #organization.


It’s Saturday night, has your half invited a party to dinner? So, add a plate. The company is 1+1+1 = 2. A couple, but three. It goes deeper than simple threesomes. The couple’s entire territory is explored there as a trio. However, there is no recognition in France for the troops, unlike in other countries such as Colombia, which allowed a marriage between 3 men in 2017.

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