Look Up: everything you need to know about the March 12 climate march

The French people are called upon to march this Saturday March 12 for climate and social justice. Objective: As part of a presidential campaign, associations and NGOs involved in the fight against climate change want to put this topic on the political agenda. † We will not wait 5 more years. †

In the movie don’t look up, astronomy PhD student Kate Dibiasky (played by Jennifer Lawrence) struggles to convince the media and the general public that a catastrophe is about to destroy planet Earth. Mocked by the presenter and the presenter of the talk show who welcomes her, the whistleblower sees herself humiliated, forgets her message. It is, you might say, the treatment reserved for the second volume of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s sixth report, published Feb. 28. Caught in the media, confronted with intense news, especially in Ukraine, he nevertheless sounds the alarm once again about the catastrophic consequences of climate change that will undeniably affect humanity in the coming years. †

To draw attention to this climate emergency, a new March for Climate and Social Justice will be organized this Saturday, March 12. Under the title “Look Up”, it refers directly to the film by Adam McKay, which has been on Netflix since the end of 2021.

“Two months before the presidential election, the climate and social emergency has passed in silence by the candidates and the media. While our lives are on the line, they prefer to close their eyes.”we can read on the site dedicated to the event. “We can perform. We must remind them of the order of priorities and make 2022 the year when France finally sets out on the path towards a fair and sustainable future for all. We will not wait 5 more years. †

Do you want to join? More than 130 events across France are listed for this march, supported by more than 500 associations and NGOs.

How do you find a meeting near you?

On the Climate March website, you can enter your zip code on an interactive map to find one or more events near you. In Paris, for example, you can join a walk from Place de la Nation. In the Paris region, Bagnolet, Rosny-sous-Bois or even Rueil Malmaison and Anthony have also planned a rally.

How do you organize a walk near your home?

Can’t find a meeting near you? You can organize one yourself via this link. Do not hesitate to approach an association to help you with this. Alternatiba, Citizens for the Climate, Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace are committed to this area.

I can’t move: how to act remotely?

There are still a few days before you go hiking. You can raise awareness about climate change and ask your loved ones to participate in a rally on your behalf. Using social networks, you can also show your support for the movement by using hashtags #ClimateMarch and #To look up† Finally, before, during and after March 12, you can be involved in the fight against climate change on a daily basis. How? ‘Or what? The possibilities are endless: join an association, trade on your own scale, donate to an NGO specialized in protecting the environment…

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