If you come across someone wearing a sunflower necklace, here’s how to respond

Have you just met someone who wears a sunflower necklace? Don’t ignore it! And it is not without reason that this sunflower ribbon is the universal symbol of invisible disability. Those who wear it are suffering from a disease or ailment, and certainly need your help.

What is Invisible Disability?

When we talk about disability, we usually think of a person in a wheelchair or a blind person. But it is not always visible. In addition, more than 80% of disabilities are invisible (which affects 8 million people out of 12 million with disabilities). Here are some examples :

  • Disable Diseases : diabetes, epilepsy, asthma multiple sclerosis, HIV, cancer…
  • Cognitive disorders : dyslexia, dysphasia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease…
  • mental health problems : depression, anorexia, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolarity…
  • Mental illness : trisomy 21, intellectual disability…
  • Sensory disturbances : hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity, hearing or visual impairment…

How do you recognize an invisible disability?

Trust the sunflower to help people with invisible disabilities. And it is not without reason that this plant, easily recognizable by its shape and color, is the universal symbol.

Persons suffering from any of the above disease or condition are encouraged to wear a green sunflower collar. At the end of this ribbon is a card on which the person with a disability can fill in his contact details and his handicap. To buy it, go here. In addition, sunflower masks have also been available since the start of the pandemic.

How to respond?

If you see someone wearing a green ribbon with sunflowers, ask them if they need help, be kind to them, patient and understanding. If you’re on a bus, have her sit in one of the priority seats. When you’re at the grocery store, let her pass you at the checkout… These little details can be invaluable to her.

Here is a short explanatory video (if necessary you can activate the subtitles):

For more information about this device, go here.

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