Local producers, nature parks: tourism priorities for more responsible travel

After more than two years of pandemic, the backpackers and backpackers are back on the road to travel, learning the lesson of the health crisis to get more involved in a more ethical stay. Preserving the environment is not the only facet of an ecological journey, there is also the social aspect. And in this chapter, American Express’s global report, which charts travel trends for 2022, offers several insights into how vacationers will act to better support locals.

It is good to realize that your holiday has an impact on the environment as well as on the communities that host us. Taking action by putting into practice all the right actions to not participate in tourism that ignores the welfare of others is better. In its annual report, American Express addresses the issue of ethical travel. Because more than three quarters (78%) of travelers and voyeursof British, Canadian, Japanese, Mexican, Australian and American descent examined want to have one positive impact on the communities they meet

The most accessible way to support the population would be to: stimulate local trade. 55% of the tourists surveyed believe that buying from small shops or booking a table is the most interesting way to be an actor or actress of responsible tourism. It is necessary for 42% of holidaymakers visit a destination’s main tourist attractions, or the monuments that matter† 40% of the respondents think it is necessary visit a national park while for 37% it is necessary to visit producers at a market

Even more surprising is that many, many holidaymakers (36%) de participation in touristic tours as important activities to have a positive impact on local communities. In this case we will pay close attention! respecting traditions of the populations we meet, and conservation of natural habitat crossing animal species.

With the resumption of tourism and the reopening of the borders, in a few months we will be able to assess the real implementation of the new aspirations of travelers. Because one thing is certain: tourists want to pack† According to this report, 76% of respondents plan to travel more than in 2021. More than half (55%) even want to plan an unforgettable stay that they will only do once in their life.

This study was conducted on a sample of 2,000 people of US nationality and 1,000 people in each of the other countries surveyed, namely Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, India and Canada.

(ETX Daily Up)

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