Leonardo DiCaprio wants to help a French champagne house go green

The house Champagne Telmont, located in Damery (Grand-Est) wants to change its practices and can now count on the help of a major investor: the American actor and climate activist Leonardo DiCaprio. According to information from Parisianone of the headliners of the movie don’t look up, entered the capital of the prestigious champagne house that aims to green its practices. Project name: “In the name of the earth”.

“In 2031, we want to convert our entire estate to organic farming. That means no fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides. In Champagne, the climate is not suitable because it is cold and humid. It’s a real gamble to take, but it makes sense to us.”Telmont CEO Ludovic du Plessis declared daily.

Leonardo DiCaprio does not only come with a financial contribution. The CEO explains: “His exposure will allow us to accelerate our project, which is based on five pillars, including the reduction of our carbon footprint, the elimination of bottle holders and the cessation of air freight. The Telmont house in Damery produces 400,000 bottles per year. A significant impact on the planet.

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