LEGO offers special MRI kits to hospitals to reassure children

Getting an MRI isn’t always fun. To make this medical examination, especially with children, less stressful, the LEGO Group has developed a special kit. This allows you to build the machine to perform an MRI but also the small room next door, in which a doctor is responsible for analyzing the results. This kit is not marketed and is provided exclusively for free to hospitals.

The idea for this kit sprouted in the mind of Erik Ullerlund Staehr, a Danish employee of the LEGO Group, reports: Creapills. Since the finalization of the design, in the summer of 2021, the model “now being built by workers around the world for distribution to their local hospitals”, specifies the group on its site. Fraser Lovatt, a LEGO employee, rightly shared his experience on Twitter, posting photos of his construction:

LEGO isn’t the first company to contribute to the well-being of hospitalized children. Honda and Rolls-Royce have also built mini-cars to help the young patient population get around ” safe “ within hospitals.

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