In Chartres, a shelter welcomes stray cats to feed and sterilize them

In order to provide shelter for stray cats and control their population, the municipality of Chartres, in the department of Eure-et-Loir, has installed a small wooden house in one of its neighborhoods. Consists of three levels, with two bedrooms please, it also has an area for having meals. The municipality has invested 150 euros in this palace with one goal: “Identifying, trapping, sterilizing and releasing cats”.

The project, installed in December 2021, is still in the testing phase, reports the Parisian, but it should continue throughout the year. 10 stray cats have already been identified and 9 have been spayed. This step is essential to control the spread of these very short gestation cats. “A pair of stray cats can be the source of 20,736 kittens born in just four years! »To explain Sophie Beurel, councilor responsible for animals in the city on a daily basis.

Essential Volunteers

To fill the cup with kibble and put the blankets in the shelter, volunteers take turns every day. The city awarded them the “Feeder” badge, a way of giving them more legitimacy towards the local population. “They are a big help,” says Sophie Beurel. “We wouldn’t be able to handle the spread of these beasts without them. »

Other parts of the city have already indicated that they want to set up a sanctuary for their stray felines as well. Before it was imitated in other cities in France?

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