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Legal and Animal Condition: 30 NGOs Investigate Candidates’ Commitments

After working to get animal disease into the programs of presidential candidates, a coalition of NGOs continues its fight for animal protection with the parliamentary elections. Their weapon? A statement of commitment sent to candidates from all parties. Their answers allow us to outline the commitments of our future MPs. Something to help people who were still undecided a few days before the first round.

During a press conference on Wednesday, June 8, 30 animal protection NGOs and associations took stock of their operation “Animal Engagement 2022”. The SPA, Animal Testing or Welfarm have sent a charter to all candidates for the parliamentary elections. Goals? Bringing future MPs together around 22 key measures, grouped under 6 themesguaranteeing animal protection:

  • Animals and society
  • Breeding, transport and slaughter
  • animal testing
  • Entertainment, captivity and exploitation of animals
  • Pets & Leisure Animals
  • Wildlife and Biodiversity

A “clear gap”

Thanks to their work, NGOs show citizens at a glance which political parties and candidates have rallied behind their cause. So, unsurprisingly, the parties that call themselves ecologists and animalists adhere 100% to the measures from the charter“There is a pretty clear split with a more committed animal ecologist social pole against a less committed national conservative liberal pole”analyzes Milton Federici, head of public affairs at CAP (Convergence Animals Policy).

Photo: Animal Commitment 2022

Note that La République en Marche has not signed the charter of the associations. A situation such as the positioning of President-elect Emmanuel Macron, whose presidential program included only one measure related to the protection of animals, namely to better ensure the collection of abandoned pets.

Programs under the microscope

In addition to the signatures of the charter, the associations also studied the programs of the candidates for the parliamentary elections: “the only major party that has integrated animal condition into its program is NUPES”underlines Milton Federici, before pointing out the coalition’s disappointment with the Socialist Party, including presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo, “was nevertheless devoted to the matter of hunting and bullfighting”

Conversely, some candidates have individually signed the charter, even if their party has not. This is the case, for example, for a handful of people at Reconquête, La République en Marche, Les Républicains and the Union of Democrats and Independents.

In total, 357 candidates applied on their own behalf.

Photo: Animal Commitment 2022

Measures under discussion

Finally, a final observation, the measures already discussed during the presidential elections (especially those related to hunting and bullfighting) are reflected in these elections. “One of the measures most popular with candidates is those related to the pets and leisure animalsnotes for her part Emilie de Marco of the Association against Animal Abuse (AMAH) before recalling that regardless of the results of Sunday 19 June, the NGOs will remain “carefully” on these topics.

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