Babywearing, long-term breastfeeding, co-sleeping: 6 funny and tactile drawings that play with prejudice

If there is one theme that is surrounded by 1,000 clichés and prejudices, it is that of motherhood. Almost everyone has a say in the educational choices of mothers in relation to their children. It is very simple, the slightest gesture, the slightest word, the slightest habit is dissected, analyzed and discussed by a multitude of specialists, each with an opinion of the utmost importance to express. So many different perceptions that the designer Fanny Vella has decided to capture with humor and creativity in a series of drawings that should appeal to many mothers.

Since there isn’t one way to raise a child, Fanny Vella has decided to use fantasy to tackle the many stereotypes that continue to impose their law. In a series of posters entitled ‘proximal mothering, what they think about’, the artist shows that the same gesture can be perceived very differently depending on the position of the person observing it. First example below with a classic: long breastfeeding.

Photo: Fanny Vella

These drawings were created with the aim of deconstructing prejudice and encouraging parents to think outside the box. For POSITIVR, Fanny Vella talks about the origin of the project:

“Four years ago, faced with external views of methods considered atypical, I decided to laugh at them through these extremely caricatural illustrations, such as certain clichés that surround these subjects. Since then, the mindset has evolved, but I see how these drawings are still good for some parents who sometimes feel misunderstood by those around them. They’re good because they allow us to laugh together, recognize scenes we’ve heard or experienced, and feel a little less isolated in our choices.

Fanny Vella

Photo: Fanny Vella

On Ulule, Fanny Vella specifies her intention:

“My desire in creating these illustrations is not only to make people laugh, but also to allow these ways of mothering to exist in the cultural landscape, to downplay them in the same way as a crib, a stroller , a bottle or a small root pot.”

Photo: Fanny Vella

“Perhaps without realizing it, showing other ways of doing things, which are perceived as more atypical, will soon enable each of us to make the choices in which we feel most at home. And offer an equal cohabitation in the common imagination of all the ways to support your young child.”

Photo: Fanny Vella

Fanny Vella has always been in demand since the creation of these posters (colored by Poppy).

“I receive messages asking for my permission to print these images. Since then, I’ve seen them adorn your waiting rooms, your nurseries, your homes and reveal these themes that are somewhat shunned by the media.”

Photo: Fanny Vella

(Drawings reproduced with the kind permission of Fanny Vella)

To meet the demand, Fanny Vella decided to list these visuals for sale on Ulule. The campaign, which will last until June 15, has already reached and even exceeded its original target. To take advantage of it, it happens here.

Also know that Fanny Vella has released a new comic (We called it Vermicelli) last November and that his book is titled And if we change the angle has recently been reissued.

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