Le Havre: the households that will live in this tower will not pay for heating or electricity

An innovative housing project is about to see the light of day in Le Havre. In the 15-storey Signal Tower, residents with photovoltaic panels will not pay for hot water or heating.

The new project of the Signal Tower in the Dumont Durville district of Le Havre, presented on Monday 7 March, replaces that of a completely wooden tower. The latter was abandoned for lack of investors and because of: “construction costs too high for local market”defended Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, assistant of the urban planning of Le Havre during the city council.

Therefore leave the forest, hello the solar energy. “Photovoltaic panels will be installed almost everywhere on this tower, which will produce more energy than the tower will consume”underlined Édouard Philippe, Mayor of Le Havre, during the presentation of the project that will house 74 rental homes.

The innovation of the new project, supported by the architectural firm Coldefy & Associé, is based on the building’s insulation and its ability to produce solar energy to enable households to save on all heating costs, domestic hot water and electricity, reports the website News 76

On the roof of the tower, a roof of 135 m2 will welcome the tenants, invited for a moment of relaxation under the pergola with solar panels. On the ground floor there will be a commercial space of almost 4,500 m2 of shops. The start of work is announced in 2023.

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