Is your plant wilted, yellowing or dry? Bring it back to life with this simple and effective trick.

Has your plant turned yellow, wilted, dried out and is losing its leaves? Don’t panic, there is a simple, natural and effective trick to give it a boost. So, ready to breathe new life into your tired plants?

Why is my plant tired?

Iron or magnesium deficiency, excess or lack of water, parasites, poor exposure or sudden temperature change. Here are the common causes of plant yellowing. If your plants are in bad shape, here are some tips for everyday use.

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The trick to bringing a plant back to life

Among the many natural and effective tips for reviving a green plant, there is that of… sparkling water. The minerals naturally present in this sparkling water can deeply nourish both your tired plants and your cut flowers (plus, here’s our article on how to properly care for your bouquet and keep it longer).

But be careful, for this trick to work, the sparkling water should have almost no bubbles left. So use a bottle (if possible in glass for ecological reasons) that has been open for several days and pour a little water into the jar. Repeat the operation if necessary and then return to the tap or rainwater).

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