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In Ukraine, this pair of vets collect and rescue the animals of people fleeing the country

The war in Ukraine is not only affecting the Ukrainian people. It has direct consequences for the animals of those who flee the country without being able to carry their life companions in their suitcases. To help these four-legged animals, two veterinarians have decided to stay in their country to continue their work of caring for animals and providing them with a better living environment.

Leonid and Valentina Stoynov share their new everyday life in Odessa, Ukraine, on TikTok and Instagram, where the duo is followed by 1.9 million and 183,000 people respectively on the two platforms. Dogs, parrots, rabbits, turtles, reptiles or even cats and a hedgehog have found shelter in the vets’ homes. Twenty people are also staying there, for lack of shelter with a cellar or too close to the explosions orchestrated by the Russian army.

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A post shared by Leonid & Valentina Stoynov (@vet.crew)

In a story from last weekend, vets said the animals had been transferred to their clinic. “in the centre of the city” which would open next month. “It is a semi-basement with walls one meter high (…), the windows in the facade are completely barricaded. † It’s a place “dry, warm, a maximum protected space” through a CCTV system.

Known on social networks for having collected in a “contact zoo” in particular a magot monkey (or “barbary macaques”) named Toysa, the two vets announced on Instagram that he and she had no intention of leaving Ukraine. “We will stay in Odessa as long as possible! We’re not going anywhere and we’ll do our business! †

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A post shared by Leonid & Valentina Stoynov (@vet.crew)

Vets still accept animals in their clinic, but advise owners of small and large animals leaving the country to do this with them as well: “Poland accepts undocumented animals. If you go there, don’t be afraid to come with your pet! † beg the two vets who won’t be able to care for all the dogs, cats and other rodents and reptiles in their town and environs…

To contribute to the care of the collected animals, the couple set up a solidarity kitten through Patreon.

Do you want to help the Ukrainian people? This article tells you how.

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