A green or orange dot appears on your iPhone’s screen? Beware of piracy.

What if, without knowing it, you fell victim to hacking? Here is the fear of smartphone users. But luckily for those who have an IPhone it is possible to be alerted in real time and in less than a second. explanation.

A green or orange dot just appeared at the top of your phone screen? In general, this is not a good sign. Indeed, this very useful indicator makes it possible to detect a hacking attempt. If it’s orange, your microphone is currently being used by an app, and if it’s green, it’s the camera and possibly the microphone. Quite disturbing, but it does help to strengthen the security on your smartphone.

Anyone who owns an iPhone with iOS 14 and later will get this feature. If this is your case, be careful. In addition, if you see this green or orange dot, open the “Control Center” to find out the name of the application that has access to your microphone and/or camera.

other indicators

If these two main indicators should alert you right away, others may put you in the ear too. Below are three examples:

  • Hour circled in blue : “screen mirroring” mode is activated or an application is accessing your location data.
  • Hour on red background : An audio or video recording is made of the phone screen.
  • Time on purple background : The SharePlay function is active.

If you think you’ve been hacked, start by uninstalling the problem app(s). If you have sensitive content on your phone (photos, videos, passwords, banking information, etc.), you can clean it up by doing a factory reset.

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