In Grenoble, this former lawyer has changed his life: he delivers his home-cooked dishes by bike

He exchanged his lawyer’s coat for an apron. Dominique Barberye is one of the many people who decide to retrain after having their first job for a while. Based in Grenoble, in Isère, the man today cycles through the streets of his city. On board his scooter, he sells meals that he has cooked himself. Her inspiring life journey bears witness to the need for some people to reconcile their professional lives with their values ​​and beliefs.

“I was bored”entrusts Dominique Barberye, 49, to West France† After working as a lawyer, “specialized in litigation”For 15 years he decided to leave the archives and courtrooms after his loss “the flame to carry on” to deal with conflicts.

The former lawyer then decides to reinvent his life. “I was looking for an activity that matched my beliefs and that didn’t require a large investment. If I screwed up, it wasn’t dramatic”, he tells daily. His idea quickly arose of a scooter bike that would serve as a platform for the sale of homemade meals. “I’ve always loved cooking”he confided News Grenoble“The idea came to me from my professional experience: when I was working, lunches were always a problem. †

To carry out his retraining, Dominique Barberye starts training, gets his faithful companion on wheels and creates his “Cocotte à roulettes”. That was 5 years ago and since then the chef-cyclist crosses the streets of Grenoble every lunch to sell his meals.

“I have always been involved in cooking and ecology. This activity suits me perfectly. †

Dominique Barberye at West France

On the menu of his kitchen: short circuit, products from the market or from local producers, all from organic farming. The menu changes every week, so it varies with the seasons. Something to surprise its customers, “mainly composed of employees”and key stakeholder.

Hello all. These are the delivery times and locations for this week: MONDAY – 11:50 am: Pôle Emploi la…

Posted by La Cocotte à roulettes on Saturday 30 April 2022

“I earn much less from my living. But I’m happier every day, I’m doing something I love.”he said to West France“My goal was not to get rich, but to be more fulfilled. It’s finished. †

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