Did you get thrush on May 1? Here are 4 tips to keep it as long as possible.

Were you offered a bouquet of lily of the valley on 1 May? Unfortunately, this pleasure is often short-lived, as once cut, the strands wither, turn yellow and lose their scent. Here are our valuable tips for preserving it longer.

Cut the stems

To make your lily-of-the-valley last, start by cutting the stems at an angle so that the water penetrates into the bells more easily. A cut of one centimeter is more than enough. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if your bouquet shows signs of fatigue.

change the water

It is important to change the water regularly, preferably every other day. In addition, to preserve your bouquet as best as possible, it is recommended to use rain or filtered water.

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Add preservative

Like any bouquet of cut flowers, you can add a sachet of preservative to preserve the shelf life. You can even make your own by mixing a little sugar and vinegar or baking soda. A simple and natural alternative.

good naked

In order for your lily of the valley bouquet to last, it is imperative to choose the location carefully. Protect it from direct sunlight and drafts. In addition, his white bells need moisture to be healthy.

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There you will know what to do to keep your thrush as long as possible. Did you like this article? Here are 7 simple, natural and effective tips for preserving cut flowers.

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