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If a thunderstorm is approaching, should all electrical appliances be unplugged?

This is a question we have all asked ourselves at some point in our lives: should we unplug all electrical appliances during a storm or not? We make an inventory with you.

What are the risks for your electrical appliances?

During a storm, it’s not uncommon for your power lines to experience surges. When lightning strikes very close to your home, it can even be destructive, as the current can run up the ground connection and damage your appliances, such as your internet box, your oven or your washing machine. This is why it is advisable to disconnect some of your devices. But which?

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Which devices in the house to disconnect?

EDF recommends disconnecting the main electrical and electronic devices (TV, computer, oven, microwave oven, Internet box, etc.), not forgetting the television antenna. On the contrary, some appliances must be left on, such as the refrigerator or the freezer, therefore it is better to leave the circuit breaker on, provided it is equipped with a surge protector. And it is not without reason that we should not forget that a switched-off circuit breaker that is not protected by a lightning rod can be struck by lightning.

The installation of this equipment must be carried out by a professional and costs about 300 euros. And for even more safety, you can connect surge protected outlets to your outlets and multiple outlets already in place.

There you go, now you know what to do to protect your property from thunder. Did you like this article? How do you protect your home against lightning strikes?

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