Garden, vegetable garden, plants: 7 YouTube channels to learn, be inspired, think

How to make seedlings? Looking after your cacti? Which vegetables to plant in May? How do you make seed bombs? When you start gardening or adopting plants, your daily life is full of very practical questions. For answers, as well as inspiration for your garden or vegetable garden, you can turn to YouTube, one of the most fun and practical platforms to discover new practices and get advice from people with a passion for gardening or the art of the vegetable garden. † Here is our non-exhaustive selection.

did67 the gardener aka “The vegetable garden of Le Parisseux”

Can you still garden with severe back pain? This gardener does this all year round in his vegetable garden. The purpose of his YouTube channel? Sharing your experience, but also and above all advocating a diverse gardening model, far from the single model that cannot explain the different climatic conditions in the areas.

A flower among the flowers

Do you want to turn your apartment into a jungle? Carole, from the channel “Une Fleur Parmi les Fleurs” will be able to guide you in this experience to choose the plants that are adapted to your interior. Carole has also just moved and also shares her daily life as an apprentice gardener. After having a vegetable garden on her balcony, she now owns a garden. What to take inspiration from his side to grow vegetables and fruits above the ground or in the ground.

Hair 86m2

Need a moment of reflection? Discover this channel where gardening mixes with cooking, DIY, all portrayed in a poetic and romantic way. An ode to the simplicity and small pleasures of everyday life.

Ophelia – your mother nature

Ophélie Damblé, better known as “Your Mother Nature”, has been on YouTube since her conversion to urban farming 4 years ago. On her channel she shares her daily life as a grower, gives her advice on how to care for her plants (in pots or in the ground) and campaigns for the green guerrilla, a civil disobedience movement that is putting our cities back on the map. want to put. †

To learn more about Ophélie Damblé and get advice for student gardeners, read this interview (subscribers only): Ophélie Your Mother Nature’s Uninhibited Gardening: “You have to step out of command to succeed at anything”.


Are you interested in permaculture? Here’s one of the YouTube channels that can help you get started with this ideal gardening technique for biodiversity and food self-sufficiency.

Olivier’s vegetable garden

It is one of the most followed channels on the platform (more than 330,000 people) and for good reason: the gardener behind this channel gives valuable advice for maintaining his vegetable garden all year round. From sowing seeds to the different ways to properly prepare your soil before growing vegetables, at Olivier you can be sure to find answers to your questions all season long.

Quiet, it’s growing!

Essential on French television, Stéphane Marie and Carole Tolila’s program is also on YouTube! Something to revise the basics or to (re)discover the garden layouts of the specialist. A good dose of inspiration to transpose at home!

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