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Hunting: after the fatal accident in Cantal, this mayor bans the use of bullets

It was one accident too many. After the death of a hiker in Cantal on Saturday, February 19, killed by a 17-year-old hunter, the mayor of Lherm (Haute-Garonne) decided to drastically regulate hunting practice in his town. The alderman has just passed a municipal decree that in particular prohibits the shooting of bullets and the use of the rifle. A strong deed that divides

The town of Lherm, in Haute-Garonne, has also suffered from hunting accidents. In 2001, a man riding a mountain bike with his son was hit by a bullet in the arm. Last November, another incident could have ended badly: a hunting bullet lodged in the wall of a company building, while an employee was several meters away. These events prompted Frédéric Pasian, mayor of the city, to limit hunting in the area, as reported by France 3.

On Monday 21 February, the municipal councilor published a municipal decision to this effect, after the fatal hunting accident that occurred in Cantal last weekend. According to France 3, the document had been written for several months. Hunting is now banned in several communal plots and in the forest of Escoumes, a place much frequented by walkers and hikers. The use of guns and shotguns is also prohibited throughout the territory, as is the shooting of bullets.

Tensions rise again with every news item

“If we ban the ball, there will be nothing left for the fighters”, responded to the microphone of France 3 Serge Castéran, the president of the Federation of Hunters in Occitania. For his part, the mayor of Lherm is aware that his decree drastically limits hunting activity, but he insists: “It is also the bullet that kills hikers, mountain bikers and those who travel incredible distances without being able to control its trajectory”

The city of Lherm “is becoming more and more urbanized”, according to the town hall, which reports an increase in tensions between hunters and residents. With each new news story, these are revived and the debate over the hunt is dividing the city again. “We had to make this decision. The hunters have already told us that they will no longer hunt in our community and that they will let the wild boars proliferate.”Brigitte Boyé, first deputy of the municipality in charge of urban planning, reported, interviewed by Actu.fr.

France is one of the European countries with the most hunting enthusiasts. An activity that strongly divides the population, both in Lherm and across the country.

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