Hugo Boss enters the second-hand market

As the second-hand market grows in fashion, more and more brands are investing in this area. Hugo Boss is adding its stone to building this parallel market with its new second-hand offering called “Hugo Boss Pre-Loved”.

This new section will be integrated directly on the brand’s website in the coming days, we can read in the luxury diary† This allows customers to return their branded clothing and accessories in exchange for a voucher. The parts will then, after passing a quality control, be put up for sale again, the specialized site specifies. The system, initially implemented in France, will be extended to Germany, the United Kingdom and finally the United States by 2025.

The economic importance of the second-hand market naturally prompted Hugo Boss to invest in such a project. The brand also announces that buying second-hand would save money “about 44% CO2 emissions compared to buying new clothes”reports the luxury diary before recalling that Hugo Boss is committed to ensuring the circularity of 8 out of 10 products by 2030.

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