How to tell Russians about the war in Ukraine

A group of Polish developers has launched a website that allows anyone to arbitrarily communicate with Russians, with the aim of warning them about the war in Ukraine and thus counteracting government disinformation. For this, they use a rich database of more than 20 million phone numbers and 140 million emails.

This collective, called Squad303, offers everyone the opportunity to send a standard message describing the reality of what is currently happening in Ukraine. The aim, of course, is to inform the Russians about the real situation in Ukraine and to unite against any propaganda developed by Vladimir Putin, the power present and the Russian media paying them.

Squad303 denounces the fact that “Nearly 150 million Russians do not know the truth about the causes or course of the war in Ukraine. They are fed the lies of Kremlin propaganda. There is no free media in Russia and the internet is censored”

The operation of this service is extremely simple. Just go to the site and then choose your preferred shipping method. From then on, a phone number or an email will be randomly generated among all the available ones and you can immediately send him an information message, in Russian. Obviously, if no response is guaranteed, this can also lead to some conversations with the locals.

An initiative that deserves recognition.

(ETX Daily Up)

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