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How do you encourage employees to walk more? This app has the solution.

How do you encourage employees to walk more? Kiplin has the answer: this application creates challenges and connected challenges to be performed between colleagues. Objectives: fight sedentarization and strengthen team spirit. Light on a playful and healthy initiative.

Kiplin’s devised games last between five days and three weeks, reports the Parisian† All are focused on walking with an emphasis on team spirit rather than competition for“promoting cohesion and engagement”, explains Clémentine Slembrouck, Kiplin’s commercial director. To increase engagement, the French company also offers to convert its number of steps into donations for associations or trees for planting.

According to the company, the results are there: “More than 60% of users exceed the sedentary threshold by more than 5,000 steps per day”† However, 8,000 are advised by scientists as we reported in this article.

100,000 people and nearly 250 companies have used Kiplin since it was founded in 2014. Who’s next?

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