Heat wave: how to live your period right?

Heatstroke, fatigue, pain… The period of the menstrual cycle can be accompanied by symptoms that are particularly difficult to live with during high heat and heat waves. Here are some tips to better support them in over 30 degrees.

“From a hormonal point of view, the premenstrual period should be delayed,” explains Gaëlle Baldassari, author of the book. love your cycle, published by Larousse editions. This period, which is usually between two and seven days before the start of menstruation, requires an excess of energy from the body. Associated with high heat, it can be difficult to adjust and feel very tired as a result. “Don’t hesitate to listen to yourself and give up certain activities if you can”advises the specialist.

Another symptom during menstruation: the body temperature rises by 0.3 to 0.7 degrees after ovulation. This is due to the secretion of progesterone at this stage of the menstrual cycle. A condition that may be characterized by hot flashes, chills, a feeling of lightheadedness, or an acceleration of the pulse. This discomfort is all the more accentuated in the event of a heat wave and can even prevent some women from falling asleep at night.

How to get through this period?

“One of the factors of painful periods is dehydration”, recalls Gaëlle Baldassari. A phenomenon that can increase during heat waves. You have to think about drink water regularly and don’t forget the foods that naturally contain it. Watermelon, melons, tomatoes… so many detours to consume water. In addition, sweating causes the body to lose water and minerals. In order not to fall into a deficiency, the expert advises to: take magnesium.

To limit the symptoms, it is possible to “derivative bath”. This involves blowing fresh air on the perineum, using water or gel packs. “It’s not scientifically proven, but it works for some women”says Gaëlle Baldassari.

Underwear should be chosen carefully. The specialist recommends Avoid synthetic underwear and avoid disposable pads “plastics”. On the contrary, she recommends cotton underwear or washable protections. This limits the risk of fungal infections. “Cotton absorbs and dries, unlike synthetic equivalents”.

Finally, in case of pain, leave the hot water bottle that has been used all winter. “You can try to put cold”, advises Gaëlle Baldassari. Cold is a more effective pain reliever than heat. This period of heat wave can be an opportunity to try this method, and if it suits you, strengthen your arsenal against painful periods.

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