Heat wave: how do you dress a baby at night when it is (very) hot?

Whoever says high heat at night also says insomnia. So you can imagine how your baby might experience it, especially as he is particularly sensitive to heat (much more than adults). So how do you dress a baby when it’s hot at night? Here are some valuable tips to adopt.

Which clothes to choose?

If the room temperature is between 20 and 24°C, dress your baby in a light pajamas, but no need for a sleeping bag (often much too warm for the summer). If the temperature is above 25°C at night, forget the pajamas and let your baby in Romper with short sleeves or in t-shirt and diaper. A word of advice: it is better not to take off the T-shirt, as this will help absorb perspiration. In addition, it avoids the early morning cold snap.

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Which preferred subjects?

The choice of clothing is not the only element to consider. It is also necessary to give preference to natural, light and breathable materials, such as: the cotton, linen Where bamboo. These fabrics are both absorbent and antiperspirant. We therefore ignore synthetic materials that stick to the skin, irritate the epidermis and increase your baby’s body heat. Of course, choose for the well-being of the planet and the health of your child Organic materials that guarantee the absence of chemicals.

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How do you know if your baby is too hot?

If your baby’s pajamas or romper are soaked when they wake up, it’s because they were too warm during their sleep. In this case, delete a layer or choose a lighter garment the next night. As a reminder, clothes damp from perspiration can irritate your baby’s skin or make him sick.

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And since babies aren’t the only ones who can’t stand the heat at night, here are 8 tips for sleeping well and fighting insomnia during a heat wave.

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