Heat wave and fire hazard: do not leave a bottle of water in the car

Do you always forget your bottle of water in the car? If this oversight in the winter is trivial, it can have serious consequences in the summer, especially in the midst of a heat wave. This is why.

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Never leave a bottle in the car…

Sometimes a mistake can have dire consequences, even with a bottle of water in the seat of your car. And for good reason: it can cause a fire. But how can such a phenomenon actually arise?

When the sun is particularly intense, as it is today, the rays can pass through the vehicle window and reflect in the plastic of the bottle. If it is still full or half empty, the remaining liquid can concentrate light and heat to one point. It is there, in this place where the temperature is highest, that the fire can start (a bit like a magnifying glass).

Security check: water bottle in a hot car

Did you know that a clear water bottle in your car can cause a fire on a hot day? Also Dioni Amuchastegui, the battery technician of the stations.

Posted by Idaho Power on Thursday 13th July 2017

…Nor in the woods

But did you know that a simple bottle of water in the middle of the forest is also possible the origin of a fire ? François Calvier, passionate about adventure and survival, demonstrates this on his YouTube channel. The proof in pictures:

So, advice to the heads in the air, don’t forget your bottle of water in the car… or in the woods (but that’s a matter of common sense)!

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