Fruit kefir: the simple recipe for this drink with multiple virtues

An ancestral fermented drink, kefir is very easy to make yourself and its health benefits are all the more satisfying. How to cultivate it? How to prepare it? Answer.

What is kefir?

Kefir is a drink, from the Caucasus, slightly carbonated and containing less than 1% alcohol. This drink comes in two versions, depending on whether it comes from the fermentation of milk or sweet fruits obtained with kefir grains† This natural sourdough, considered a probiotic, looks like small transparent and soft balls. Transformed into a drink, they have several recognized health effects:

  • strengthen immune system
  • Facilitate transit and digestion.
  • Balance the intestinal flora.
  • Soothes skin rashes.

Today we will focus on fruit kefira drink suitable for all diets and especially for vegans.

To make your own fruit kefir, there is nothing easier. You must first obtain kefir grains. You can find them in stores or buy them from a private individual on the internet, some people also give them away. But before you go any further, you should probably “wake up” your little seeds.

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How to wake up kefir grains?

The kefir grains can indeed go to sleep if they are not sufficiently active. In others, they hibernate and to get them out of there it will be necessary to carry out some manipulations. This is often the case when you receive grain from a person who has kept it in a cool place for several weeks before selling or giving it away.

You will need :

  • A glass salad bowl
  • A saucepan
  • a colander
  • Spoon
  • One liter of tap water
  • 50 g blond cane sugar

The steps to follow:

  • Pour the liter of water into the pan with the sugar.
  • Boil for one minute.
  • Cool and pour the water into a bowl.
  • Then drain the kefir grains with the colander before you put them in the bowl.
  • Let stand at room temperature for 24 hours.

There you go, your kefir grains are (almost) awake! On the website of Symbiosis Kéfir, in addition to the awakening of the grains, it is advisable to carefully carry out one or two productions of kefir (see below). Then you can start drinking your brew.

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Recipe for fruit kefir

For this you need:

  • A 2 liter glass jar
  • A stainless steel spoon
  • A cutting board
  • a funnel
  • A Chinese strainer or a stainless steel strainer
  • A knife
  • Bottles with mechanical or screw cap
  • 60 g fruit kefir grains
  • 60 g organic blond cane sugar
  • 3 slices of organic lemon
  • 28 g organic dried figs
  • 1.5 liters of tap water

Finally, here are the steps to follow to start your personal fruit kefir production:

  • Pour 1.5 liters of tap water into the glass jar.
  • Add the sugar and mix with the spoon to dissolve.
  • Drain the kefir grains and add them to the sugar water.
  • Add the figs and lemon slices.
  • Close the jar by placing only the lid on it (do not close tightly).
  • Wait between 24 and 36 hours for the kefir grains to ferment. It is identified with the emergence with the water surface of the figs and the formation of a small foam on the surface of the kefir. When in doubt: taste it! If the drink is too sweet, the fermentation is not complete.
  • Once the fermentation is complete, remove the lemon slices and figs from the pot.
  • Mix the fermented water with a spoon and then pour the liquid into the bottles using a funnel or sieve so that you get your kefir grains back for the next production.
  • Close each of your bottles tightly.
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Your fruit kefir is ready to taste! You can also ferment it in the ambient air in their bottles for an additional 24 to 36 hours for even more sparkle. It is then necessary to keep them in the fridge for the next tasting. For more information, see the Symbiosis Kéfir blog from which this recipe was taken.

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