From Portugal to Singapore in 21 days: this is the longest train journey in the world

Message to adventurers seeking discoveries! If you have desires elsewhere and also like long train journeys, then this trip should please you. In 21 days, this train connects Portugal with Singapore, making it the most important rail route in the world.

The record for longest train journey has just been broken thanks to the opening of a railway line that departs from the Portuguese city of Lagos and ends in Singapore. This unique world trip is made in several stages, thirteen in total.

During its 18,755 kilometers the train crosses Portugal and twelve other European and Asian countries: France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and of course Singapore. A beautiful and amazing 21 days odyssey (nights included) in which the passengers of the train can daydream while admiring the different landscapes.

But this trip has a price: around 1,100 euros per person. In addition, 7 visas are required to cross the 13 countries, explains blogger Seat61. Other administrative formalities are being added to the list, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic (and certain parts of the journey are currently closed).

The last record for the longest train journey in the world was 17,000 kilometers, connecting Portugal to Vietman. Something to make travel enthusiasts dream.

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