After the success in the United Kingdom, Pret a Manger’s vegan wrap is coming to the United States

In January 2021, fast food chain Pret a Manger launched a new vegan wrap in the UK. This replaced the traditional Swedish meatball sandwich with a vegan alternative, made with Meatless Farm. It was such a success that this vegetable wrap was permanently on the menu, driving out the classic sandwich. A year later, this vegan wrap arrives in the United States.

Available at the brand’s 42 locations in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, the sandwich will feature Meatless Farm vegetable balls, marinara sauce, red onions, crisp onions and red pepper, all wrapped in a multigrain wrap. This is the first time Pret a Manger has offered a meat alternative in the United States. “We understand that many of our US customers want to eat less meat and we are committed to bringing new plant-based recipes to the market”a brand spokesperson told VegNews.

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