#FriendsCensored: The Chinese public defies the authorities and denounces the censorship of the “Friends” series

As Janice would say, “Oh my god”! In China, the series friends is not unanimous. Some scenes were censored. Which could not annoy fans of the cult comedy. On Chinese social networks, the hashtag #FriendsCensored has become the top of the trends.

It’s not Chinese censorship that will intimidate fans of friends† The latter rushed to the Chinese social network Weibo to denounce scenes from the series after the rebroadcast on air. It was with the hashtag #FriendsCensored that internet users expressed themselves, placing the topic in the top trend on the Chinese social network. According to the media, the hashtag generated more than 60 million views before it was in turn censored on the platform over the weekend of February 12.

The reason for this anger is simple. Entire scenes and even the romance between Ross and Susan’s ex-wife Carole were completely cut from the show’s broadcast. The Chinese authorities have also cracked down on some scenes that talk about sex or the LGBTQ community by changing the Chinese subtitles to change a line from Ross that says “Women can have multiple orgasms” in “Women gossip.” without end” or even translate the word “lesbian” by “ex-wife” and “I have a penis” by “I have organs other than a woman”.

It is not the first time that China has censored the series. friends† The TV special “Friends: The Reunion” was entitled to the same treatment. The performances by Lady Gaga, the group BTS and even Justin Bieber were also cut during the broadcast. The reason ? Lady Gaga had met the Dalai Lama, Justin Bieber visited a temple honoring war victims, some of whom had been accused of committing atrocities in China, while BTS was criticized for thanking the heroes of the Korean War without the losses on the side of the Chinese soldiers.

A history of censorship

China is known for censoring many cult movies. The Oscar-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody had also seen his plot changed. Its release on Chinese soil was only allowed on one condition: to remove all mentions of Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality. A condition accepted by 20th Century Fox studios. Results? Over $14 million at the Chinese box office.

Only fight club by David Fincher, the Chinese authorities had bent slightly. After a totally censored ending that completely changed the course of the film, the protests were so big that an ending was eventually released that respected the original story but with less gore.

(ETX Daily Up)

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