“February without a supermarket”: our tips to consume more responsibly

With the campaign “February without a supermarket”, everyone is invited to take a closer look at their way of consuming. For a month we say goodbye to supermarkets and hello to small producers. To support you in your challenge, here are some good things to do.

The Dry January and the Veganuary have just ended. Consumers were able to test their habits by abstaining from alcohol or following a vegan diet for a month. But let those who like challenges be reassured, the month of February also hides unexpected challenges.

“February without a supermarket”, what is that?

“February without supermarket”, founded in Switzerland in 2017, quickly spread to France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey and Quebec. Every year, a growing number of people are challenging themselves to reconnect with independent businesses. In 2020 this was 50,000 compared to 20,000 in 2018.

“This is by no means a call for a boycott of supermarkets”underlines in 2019 Leïla Rölli, co-founder of the movement with Cloé Dutoit, op West France. The aim is more to question his way of consuming by adopting new habits for a month. Good reflexes that the two founders hope to see permanently established among the participants.

With the pandemic, they are convinced that “February without a supermarket” makes even more sense. “Independent businesses, restaurants and small farms need our support more than ever. »

And for those who are concerned about their wallet, they reassure: by choosing 100% homemade, it is even possible to save money.

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Posted by En Vert Et Contre Tout on Thursday 3 February 2022

Here are some good reflexes to easily do without the grocery store.

Return to the market

The market is undoubtedly the ideal place to do your shopping outside the supermarket. You will find everything there: greengrocer, butcher, baker, cheese, but also caterer for the less inspired cooks. On weekdays and weekends, you can reconnect with traders by sharing a moment of conviviality. Getting supplies to the market just requires a bit of organization and flexibility as few people open their stalls every day.

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Discover small local traders

Habits die hard. You could probably walk from your house to your grocery store blindfolded. And yet, there’s a good chance that there are many companies along the way that you’re overlooking. How about giving them a shot this month? Buy basic products (pasta, rice, cookies or even exotic products) at the local supermarket or chain stores. Take a trip to the cheese factory to rediscover the flavors of a farmer’s Reblochon. Stop by the butcher’s shop or the greengrocer to taste meat, fresh vegetables and fruit. And for festive evenings, stop by for a chat with your wine merchant.

Choose direct sales

If you’re lucky enough to live near local producers, consider turning to them directly for your supplies. If you live in the city, many solutions also allow you to provide yourself with farm, local and seasonal products. This is especially the case with the AMAPs, who offer weekly baskets of fruit and vegetables for takeout. La Ruche qui dit Oui or Kelbongoo offer fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, cheese, bread, pastries or fresh fruit juices. Hors Normes supplies “ugly” but delicious organic fruit and vegetables in Paris and Lyon.

Find great deals near you

To encourage you to participate in “February without a supermarket” and to guide you through the process, about fifty Facebook groups per region have been created. Members share advice, recipe tips and good addresses. To discover the list of these groups, go to the website of En vert et contre tout at the origin of the challenge.

Shall we try the adventure?

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