Eggplant, corn, bell pepper: which vegetables survive high temperatures?

With the temperatures of recent days, France is facing a heat period that can worry gardeners and gardeners. So if you’re afraid of losing your crops to high temperatures, here’s a list of vegetables that tolerate them well.

the aubergines

The cultivation of eggplants is rather recommended for seasoned gardeners and gardeners. The summer vegetable par excellence, the aubergine loves the sun and the heat and good news, the month of May is perfect for planting them. To know everything about growing eggplants, read our article: How to properly grow eggplants? 5 practical tips for a rich harvest.

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Unlike spinach and other green vegetables, Swiss chard tolerates summer heat (and climate change!) well. They can be eaten in a salad or lightly fried for tasty and summery dishes.

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It is one of the main ingredients in summer salads! Cucumber is a cool vegetable but tolerates high temperatures well. So don’t hesitate to plant a few in your garden!

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The zucchini season has arrived and again this vegetable especially likes to be in a sunny spot where it is warm. To learn more about growing courgettes, discover 5 practical tips for a bountiful harvest in this article.

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Green beans

The beans grow quickly and will delight gardeners concerned about high summer temperatures. There are all kinds. For lovers of the vegetable garden in squares, install a climbing variety against a trellis in the north.

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the corn

We see it in many fields in France, but corn can also be grown very well at home! Especially resistant to heat and dry weather, corn is planted in squares or rows. You’ll then have enough to make your own popcorn or corn cakes, both consistent and greedy.

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sweet potatoes

With a little patience and warmth you can grow beautiful sweet potatoes. Be careful to keep an eye on them though, sweet potato vines tend to spread if not cut.

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the peppers

And to top off this list, set your sights on growing bell peppers or bell peppers. Be careful though, this one requires a bit of knowledge and skill. All the steps to follow can be found in this article: How to Grow Bell Peppers and Bell Peppers: 7 Steps to Follow for a Guaranteed Harvest.

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You now know which vegetables can grow in your garden, even in very hot weather. If you want to know when to water your vegetables and your garden, continue reading this article: Garden: When is the best time of day to water your plants and your vegetable garden?

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