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Domestic violence: Justice must warn victims of release of their attacker from prison

It is a decision that ends the unbearable wait for victims of domestic violence. The decree, which came into effect on Tuesday, February 1, provides that the latter will be systematically informed of the date of their abusive ex-husband’s release from prison.

This provision corrects a legal anomaly that has cost the lives of many women. We particularly remember the tragic story of a 44-year-old mother who was murdered on November 26 in Épinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). She had been stabbed to death at the foot of her building by her husband, who had just been released from prison where he was serving a sentence for domestic violence.

“I have to understand why this woman was not notified of the release of her attacker from prison,” Élisabeth Moreno, the minister deputy for equality between women and men, was then relocated.

“These women have lived under constant threat for years. They were colonized by fear. The fact that he does not know when he will be released from prison is a terrifying fear, an additional horror. Where does the blow come from and when does the blow come? It is already very important because they are informed and can therefore also make agreements themselves. »

Maître Michelle Dayan, attorney and president of the Lawyers For Women association at the microphone of France news.

“Information is the beginning of protection. »

This provision puts an end to a miscarriage of justice. Indeed, for many crimes and misdemeanors, victims were automatically notified of the author’s release from prison. “Women who are victims of violence, it was a bit the bad ratio of this information”the lawyer explains. “Information is the beginning of protection. »

Another novelty foreseen in decree number 2021-1820, when the perpetrator of the violence leaves, the judicial authority must ” express » questions “the need to decide on surveillance measures and to strengthen victim protection”.

For example, a “serious danger phone” could be given to female victims of violence. The latter makes it possible to contact the police at any time of the day or night by pressing a simple key. Thanks to geolocation, the authorities can intervene quickly. An anti-reconciliation bracelet can also be imposed on the ex-prisoner.

While in France on average a woman is murdered every two days, these provisions unfortunately come much too late… Despite everything, they remain a source of hope for all women who are victims of violence.

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