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Discover with the game “Mille Pas” how professional inequalities affect women

To make professional inequalities understand in a fun way, this is the mission of the game “Les Mille Pas”, conceived by female entrepreneurs. Coralie Franiatte and Isa Terrier.

The premise of this game is simple. Just like in the famous card game “Mille Bornes”, the goal here is to reach the Mille Pass. But as you can imagine, a woman’s professional career is not an easy one: the path of the players will be riddled with pitfalls to reflect all the obstacles that women face during their career. .

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Recruitment, gender stereotypes, work-life balance, money, sexism, self-esteem, motherhood and childcare… Thus, 8 major themes are covered, with brake maps and accelerators and solutions, mirrors of women’s daily lives »we can read in a press release.

700 testimonials collected

To determine these 8 themes, the game’s creators collected 700 testimonials prior to design. “We read, re-read, classified the testimonials we received from November 2020 to January 2021”explain them in an FAQ, published on the website dedicated to the game. “We have chosen to write an anecdote quote on every ‘red light’ card to make these women’s voices heard and raise awareness. Their voices are also present on every ‘green light’ card in the form of solutions.

Mille Pas, launched thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, claims to be 100% “made in France”. The price: 30 euros (excluding extension).

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