Dog trafficking victim, Zak, the husky who disappeared in May, is found 155 km from his home

After three months of stress, waiting and hope, Zak’s family can breathe. Disappeared in May, this young husky found correctly thanks to an outpouring of solidarity. Light on this good news that warms the heart.

It is a breed that is much sought after by dog ​​traders and Zak has had the unfortunate experience with it. Three months ago, this beautiful white-brown husky with strange eyes suddenly disappeared. A few days after his disappearance, the animal was seen on the streets of Toulouse in the company of a homeless person. It seemed thin and damaged at the level of the pads.

In an effort to get his four-legged companion back, Johan Guerrini, a 32-year-old Toulousain, lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie. But no concrete action would have been taken. Zak’s owner told our siblings of France 3 that the police would have prevented him from looking for his animal, since “it was a waste of time”. And rightly so, in France, every year animal protection associations count almost 75,000 announcements of the disappearance of dogs that are published on social networks.

A wave of solidarity

Finally, it is thanks to the mobilization of Internet users that Zak was found. A petition was launched on Monday 1 August. In just 24 hours, she collected nearly 18,000 signatures. The day after this phone call, the Husky was found in Narbonne, in the Aude, more than 155 kilometers from the site of his disappearance.

⚠️ HELP ⚠️ my friend Johan GrRn stole his dog Zak (white and brown husky with veronogen) in May 2022!…

Posted by Margot Ange ErdBchva on Friday 29 July 2022

According to the owner, Zak was a victim of dog trafficking. Very popular with traffickers, husky dogs are worth nearly $1,500.

The small survivor is currently being taken care of at a shelter where he is being cared for and will be reunited with his family in the coming days.

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