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Do you want to surpass yourself? Discover Warrior Yoga.

Founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, Warrior Yoga is a very sporty variation of yoga that allows you to “get out of your comfort zone”, as Alison Cossenet, who teaches this discipline in Paris, explains.

“Warrior yoga is a mix of all kinds of yoga out there”, summarizes Alison Cossenet, teacher at Yoga Room Paris. Developed by Aria Crescendo in 2018, this method uses classic yoga poses, such as inversions or the sun salutation, but connects them in a very dynamic way. “Physically it is impressive”, the professor announces. It is an active yoga, based on cardio.

During his lesson, which lasts 1h30, the students follow the postures to the rhythm of the music. The practice includes cult yoga poses such as the “downward facing dog”† Very present during the warm-up, it strengthens the arms, wrists, shoulders and lower back. Chaturanga push-ups, as well as warrior poses, allow you to train the entire body.

“We are quickly exceeding our limits and are surprised that we are going that far so quickly. At the end of the session you feel stronger.”

As for breathing, the young woman learns “Ujjayi” breathing (which means “victorious” in Sanskrit). The tone is set. To do this, the teacher asks her students to breathe only through their noses, “Like we want to fog up a window, except we shut up”† This dynamic breathing activates the inner energy. †She invites you to stand up straight, to open the rib cage”describes the specialist.

Practicing regularly, two to three times a week, gives practitioners flexibility and strengthens their back, arms, and legs. The young woman notices that her students have less back pain and better posture over the months.

(ETX Daily Up)

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