Do you want to send messages of support to the Ukrainian people? Here’s how.

How to psychologically help the Ukrainian people in these uncertain times? Perhaps by sending him messages of support and encouragement? This is also the beautiful mission of the association “Petit Pigeon Voyageur”.

Since financial aid is not the only thing that matters, a generous man from Lorraine (who wishes to remain anonymous) had an exemplary idea: to create an association to offer some comfort to this suffering people. The idea? Write letters of solidarity to Ukrainian men and women who are still in their country or in exile.

Safety first

These messages of peace and hope are sent by email and are safe “to protect emissaries and recipients alike”as the founder of the association explains to The Republican East† A security rule to avoid hackers.

Of course, before they are sent to children and adults, these digital letters have to be translated into several languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, German or even sign language. The more varied the translations, the more recipients.

You can join the movement by writing letters or translating. To do this, send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] or a letter to the town hall of Xirocourt, 4, rue Camille Quille 54740 Xirocourt.

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