Do you suffer from endometriosis? This site will help you to live better with this disease.

Still unknown to the general public, endometriosis is starting to get people talking about it. This disease, which affects one in ten women, can cause chronic pain. There is a website dedicated to informing about this disease. His name: Endoblum.

“Endometriosis. It’s not a women’s problem, it’s a social problem.” Like President Emmanuel Macron’s statement on January 11, the lines are moving to inform about endometriosis. The Lab HEYME endowment fund launches Endoblum, a website dedicated to this disease that affects between 1.5 and 2.5 million people in France. On this platform we find practical information, but also “testimonials in the form of podcasts, videos and blog articles”, says the HEYME Lab endowment fund in a press release.

“Understanding – Orientation – Living Better With”

Endometriosis “is linked to the presence of tissues similar to the endometrium outside the uterus and can therefore affect several organs,” explains the website in its first chapter, “Understanding the Disease.” In total, the site lists three types of endometriosis: superficial endometriosis, ovarian endometriosis, and deep pelvic endometriosis. Then the site indicates how you can spot them

How do you choose your medical education? That is the aim of the second part “Towards a care trajectory”. “Three basic exams make it possible to make a diagnosis,” the site explains, indicating it’s possible to do additional research. In addition, it is possible to switch to Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) to live better with endometriosis.

In its final chapter “Living better with the disease”, the site specifies that “we don’t cure endometriosis, we live with it and we seek the perfect balance that leads to remission”. There are several treatments for this, ranging from hormone therapy to surgery and alternative therapies. The site states “you are free to choose what suits you best”.

Towards a HEYME lab prevention plan

The endowment fund aims to “educate school nurses, on the front lines, in the coming months to help young women, many of whom are afraid to talk to their families or their GP,” the press release said. “This site is the first step in a prevention plan that we want to deploy”, says Céline Berardo, director of the lab HEYME endowment fund.

To continue, here is an application to screen for endometriosis.

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