Consuming CBD could improve sex life, according to a study

According to a study published in February 2022, consuming cannabidiol could improve your sexual health. 81% of those surveyed improved their intimate life thanks to the substance free from the presence of THC.

Prevent the “breakthrough”. According to a study conducted by the consulting firm Augur Associates for the CBD brand Yogah, the use of cannabidiol can reduce sexual anxiety and promote sexual well-being. Overall, 81% of respondents believe they have improved their intimate lives.

To conduct their research, the specialists interviewed a panel of 511 adults, male and female CBD consumers in February 2022.

“People who suffer from sexual anxiety find it difficult to focus on erotic thoughts and enjoy the physical reactions of sex”, the study presents. According to experts, the use of cannabidiol reduces stress and facilitates dialogue between partners. At this level, “49% found CBD mildly to somewhat effective and 31% found it effective to very effective”, the study says. Conversely, did the experience not? “not always proven effective for 19% of consumers”

In terms of sensations, the use of cannabidiol “enhance orgasms” for 36% of consumers. In detail, 86% of women note positive effects of CBD, compared to 79% of men.

CBD mainly consumed in the form of flowers

The mode of consumption continues to be inspired by the collective imagination. For example, 83% of the respondents consume CBD in the form of flowers. The oil, at 31% and the vape pen at 13%, complete the podium.

It’s not the first time a brand has attempted to measure the impact of cannabidiol on sexuality. According to a 2020 study published on the alternative medicine site Remedy Review, 68% of consumers believed that “that CBD improves sex”

So ? Is this a miracle solution? “Don’t expect it to solve sexual problems or increase sexual skills”shadow for to missthe doctor Pascal Douek, author of the book Medicinal cannabis, a nnew chancepublished by Solar.

And you, ready to get started?

Methodology: Study Yogah and Augur Associates, a cannabis consultancy, conducted on a panel of 511 French CBD consumers in February 2022.

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