Cocoa water, the new drink that will be a hit

Everything is good in cocoa, and even its juice! Because yes, you can get some kind of super-powered water by squeezing out all the pulp that covers the fresh beans. While many pastry chefs are still trying to figure out how to use this slime, a whole new thirst-quenching offering is underway. And it just might steal the limelight from coconut water.

If you thought you’d tasted all of cocoa, it was without counting on the cocoa water. Knowing that the fruit of the cocoa tree can be used in several ways – the beans are dried to be melted into tablets, the shards become nibs that can be poured into a cream, the pod can be turned into compost to enrich cocoa crops with nutrients and higher yields, the raw material is not yet fully optimized.

According to an industrialist, Oded Brenner, about 70% of fruit is considered waste. The boss wants to show that we can make the cultivation of the cocoa tree more profitable by using all the components of his famous pod. To do this, he sculpted the contours of a new American brand called Blue Stripes. This July, a brand new product from its range will hit the shelves of Whole Foods, one of the largest Anglo-Saxon distributors, arriving just in time for the hottest hours of summer: from cocoa water.

It is a cold extraction of the pulp around the fresh beans that makes it possible to obtain this spicy liquid. The brand ensures that the juice is particularly thirst-quenching and delicious. And we believe it because consuming this pulp, which is called slime, is actually not a new trend. The South American workers who harvest the pods have always had a habit of sucking on this white material as if you were tasting a candy.

Why could cocoa water become the new trendy water?

We never stop praising the nutritional value of cocoa, always remembering its antioxidant properties, but also the presence of theobromine, which has energizing effects. In the case of cocoa water, we would find these two properties. A 30cl briquette is said to have twice as many antioxidants as a handful of blueberries. This drink is also said to hold the promise of replenishing magnesium.

That is why the recipe was already a hit with a category of consumers: that of athletes. In the United States, sports enthusiasts have already started sharing the tip to replace their over-sweetened energy drink, additionally delighted that they prefer a more respectable environmental alternative to their plastic bottle… “In two to three years, more companies will enter the cocoa water market”says Oded Brenner.

Currently, consumers in Europe have to be content with cocoa infusion if they want a chocolate drink other than a cup of steaming hot chocolate (and caloric one!)

(ETX Daily Up)

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