Cardiac arrest: he invents “Géocoeur”, a connected box that saves lives

In cardiac arrest, every second counts. Faced with this reality every day, a nurse has decided to double a victim’s chances of survival thanks to a device. His goal? Connect defibrillators for emergencies. Light on this innovation that saves lives.

Frédéric Leybold, nurse from the Moselle and president of the Association of First Aiders (AFPR), has just been awarded the prestigious Lépine competition. This Sunday, May 8, 2022, the Geocoeur case stood out among 358 inventions. If he managed to seduce the jury, it’s because he’s priceless. This box is placed above the defibrillators and automatically warns the nearest passers-by in the event of a cardiac arrest.

How does it work in concrete terms? When emergency services receive a report of a cardiac arrest, another Geocoeur box a few blocks away flashes and sends out a voice call for the attention of hikers and walkers. They can then flash the QR code to locate the victim. For example, they can warn the fire brigade (18) or the Samu (15) and/or go on site to practice first aid actions. Saving precious time for the victim.

Here’s a presentation video:

It is not the first time that Frédéric Leybold has come up with a concrete and immediate solution for victims of cardiac arrest. In 2018, the nurse launched “AFPR – First Responders”, a mobile application that connects victims and the nearest rescuers.

A wonderful initiative that deserves to be extended to all of France.

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