Beware, your car interior may be dirtier than your toilet bowl

The inside of your car is probably dirtier than your toilet, according to a study from Aston University in Birmingham, England. The trunk and driver’s seat are the elements most contaminated with bacteria and feces.

This study, published by the price comparison tool Scrap Car Comparison, shows that all cars examined contained fecal bacteria, with the highest levels in the trunk of the car (1425 bacteria identified) and in the driver’s seat (649). The gear lever, dashboard and rear seat also showed strong bacterial contamination, higher than that found on a domestic toilet. Ultimately, the steering wheel (146 bacteria) turns out to be the least contaminated part of the car. This can be partly explained by the massive use, of late, of hydroalcoholic gel in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Note that there is a relationship between the age of a car and the bacteria levels likely to be found in it, with the oldest vehicles having the highest bacterial counts.

The main cause of the presence of these bacteria comes from food. It is imperative not to eat on board or even keep fresh food in your suitcase to maintain a healthy environment. It is also advisable to regularly clean your car from top to bottom so as not to store all these bacteria in the long run.

To conduct this study, researchers from Aston University’s School of Biosciences took samples from the insides of several cars (a Peugeot 307-SW, a VW Golf, a Ford Focus, a Honda Jazz and a Peugeot 308) to measure their levels. of bacterial contamination. Discover the conclusions of this research in video:

(ETX Daily Up)

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