Bakery: Industry professionals commit to reducing salt content in their bread by 10%

The baguette is an institution in France, but the recipe should change gradually. Do not panic ! The idea is not to twist this French tradition, but to have a positive effect on the health of French men and women. Bakery professionals have indeed announced their commitment to reduce the amount of salt used to make their bread by 10%. The whole thing should take less than four years, reports Le Figaro

This decision was made official at the beginning of March during the Salon de l’Agriculture. Bakery professionals have signed an agreement, also ratified by the Trade and Distribution Federation, Intermarché and Leclerc. In other words, baguettes and other artisanal and industrial breads fall under this measure. The latter should be good for the health of the French population.

“We have been talking with the State about the salt in our products for more than ten years. There we reached a compromise with the State, which does not yet regulate the amount of salt in bread by law. But it is up to us to gradually reduce the amounts. This way we can reassure our customers and show that our breads are healthy. †

Dominique Anract, President of the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry (CNBPF)

Indeed, the government has welcomed the approach, recalling that bread represents: “20% of the daily salt intake” French women and men. However, lowering this level is essential for: “lower blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack”

If professionals in the sector do not comply with their agreements, a law on the salt content in bread may be passed, the chairman of the CNBPF warns.

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