Armed with cum-filled squirt guns, this couple relives San Francisco

In San Francisco, Shalaco and Phoenix are campaigning for green urban spaces. Armed with spray guns and Parmesan nozzles filled with seeds, they roam the streets of their town on skateboards sowing flowers. They invite everyone to join their “vegetable guerrillas” by insisting on choosing wild plants endemic to the region and non-invasive species to respect the balance of the local ecosystem.

Ultimately, the approach taken by the two militant horticulturists is just as beneficial for the residents of the neighborhoods in which they sow, as it is for the insects and birds that benefit from this rewilding.

Discover their journey thanks to this report by Brut:

These garden guerrillas are bringing nature back to the city

“Many urban areas are ecological deserts.” Armed with plastic guns, these activist gardeners sow seeds in public spaces to bring nature back to the city. Brut encountered the gardening guerrillas of San Francisco.

Posted by Brut on Monday 4 April 2022

And if we took the seed?

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