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An island in the Maldives invites you to become a “barefoot bookseller”

Do you have a passion for books and want to change jobs? Then this vacancy might be for you!

Imagine: you are on an island paradise, your feet in the white sand and your head in the books. A decor that smells like the holidays… but still a job in question!

The Ultimate Library company publishes a job posting on Kunfunadhoo Island, in the beautiful Biosphere of Baa Atoll, in the heart of the Maldives. Your mission, if you accept it: run the boutique bookstore of the Soneva Fushi hotel complex. And an important detail: you will have to work barefoot!

Indeed, the wearing of shoes is prohibited on the island, in favor of the connection with nature. A philosophy related to “earthing”, which consists in walking barefoot to enter into communion with the elements of the earth (in this case the sand).

The job description also requires you to do all kinds of promotional activities, including writing articles and newsletters for the bookstore blog, running social networks, or even hosting creative writing workshops. The recruited person will also be required to perform administrative tasks such as managing inventory and store bookkeeping.

The adventure starts from October for a year, for a fee of 750 dollars (about 738 euros) per month. A salary that may seem modest, yet is offset by meals and accommodation (fully covered), as well as unlimited access to the hotel’s private beach and spa.

The conditions that must be met in order to stand a chance of acceptance? A sharp pen, “a passion for books”, as well as “the ability to communicate with customers of all ages”. And of course an excellent level of English (spoken and written) is essential.

If the job makes you dream, you still have a few days to try your luck and apply! But competition is likely to be fierce. Indeed, the ad page says: “only because of the overwhelming response from applicants around the world”registrations will close earlier than expected (ie August 8 instead of August 13).

(ETX Daily Up)

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