An anti-capitalist, ethical and ecological economy… it’s possible with Unicorns!

Do you want to help create a world free of ultra-liberal capitalism? An ecologically sustainable and humanely fairer world? This world already exists and with your help it can become the norm. Let us introduce you to the Unicorns

Diagnosis: Capitalism kills the living

It is not necessary to dwell on 3000 years to claim that the capitalism is on its last legs† The “overproduction – overconsumption” couple is destroying the living on our planet. Need a reminder? Let’s go merry!

  • More than three in four children breathe toxic air in France
  • An animal or plant species disappears every 20 minutes
  • 68% of wild vertebrate species have disappeared in 50 years
  • 92% of the world’s population breathes excessively polluted ambient air
  • 1,800 billion pieces of plastic waste make up a 7th continent in the ocean
  • More than 2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water

All this for what? The quest for profit for a minority that is also most responsible for the disaster! It is urgent to change the model now, business as usual condemns us according to the IPCC.

Unicorns, a solution to resist

The Unicorns are David vs Goliath, it’s Vercingetorix against Caesar. These cooperatives are not the only ones, the thousands SCOP and SCIC more than 7 billion euros in annual turnover. But they lack visibility and the Unicorns are the new spearhead of a major operation to make this economy of common good the new normal.

It is about nine French cooperatives demonstrating that a new consumption model is possible† This model is anti-capitalist, militant, ecological and social, yet able to provide all the essential services of modern life. Here are a few :

  • Food – Coop Circuit : an open source collaboration platform for sell and buy in short circuit local, artisan, direct producer, organic, ethical products.
  • E-commerce – Emmaus label: first French e-commerce site whose catalog is provided exclusively by the actors of the Emmaus Movement and its partners in the social and solidarity economy.
  • Mobile plan – TeleCoop: first involved cooperative telecom operator in the ecological and solidarity transition to enable everyone to reclaim their digital use.
  • Mobility – Mobicoop: cooperative for a shared mobilitymore solidarity and ecological in the areas: carpooling, solidarity mobility, lifts, fleet management.

Find the full list of Unicorns on the Unicorns website.

Unicorn: Yes, your voice can change the system
Photo: © Unicorns

Take back the power by investing your money

Today the Unicorns need you to compete with the big companies! They need you to believe in them and support them!

If we want to invert the existing model, we need to change our consumption patterns and also our ways of investing our money. The Licoornes are SCIC (Cooperative Association of Collective Interest). What does this mean in concrete terms?

  • Investors are members who can subscribe for shares.
  • Each member has one vote (regardless of the number of shares) and can vote in General Meetings.
  • 57.5% of the profit goes to indivisible reserves, to be reinvested in the cooperative.
  • In short, you regain control!

Bonus: the equity investment, for most of these cooperatives, is deductible from your income tax up to 25%. For example, if you invest € 1,000, after 5 years if all goes well you will be with this € 1,000 and in addition € 250 in savings via the tax credit.

How to behave In front of subscribe to sharesyou just have to go on this link. It takes a few minutes to validate your registration on the Lita platform and provide the necessary supporting documents so that the operation complies with the legal framework for this type of collection. We count on you!

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