Algerian war: the “restoration law” in favor of the harkis is finally passed

Sixty years later, on Tuesday, February 15, the French parliament finally passed the “recovery” law in favor of the harki and their families who had fled Algeria to France after independence.

A few months before the presidential election, President Emmanuel Macron sees one of his pledges finally materialize. the “I’m sorry” aux harkis has just been officially adopted. Sixty years after the end of the Algerian war, the Senate passed its final vote on Tuesday, February 15, on the bill that “conditions unworthy of reception” reserved by France for the 90,000 harkis and their families who fled Algeria after independence.

For example, under the undignified conditions mentioned, we can change the camps and “forest hamlets” in which almost half of the harkis were sent, remembers France Info“These places were places of exile, which were bruised, traumatized and sometimes fatal”, said Geneviève Darrieussecq, minister in charge of Memory and Veterans Affairs. For ” to repair ” this unworthy receipt, the bill offers a lump sum of 2,000 to 15,000 euros† According to the government, 50,000 beneficiaries would be affected. The total cost of the operation would amount to 302 million euros, spread over approximately 6 years, the information site still reports.

However, 40,000 people receive no compensation based on their housing in “urban cities” and therefore that they were free to move… despite precarious living conditions.

The Harkis had fought on behalf of France, but were abandoned by the state upon Algeria’s independence. On September 20, Emmanuel Macron asked them for “forgiveness”.

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