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A photographer celebrates the love of people with Down syndrome: 9 precious photos

Love is a widely documented topic in many communities. However, one of them is “largely left out of the conversation”, says the Canadian Down Syndrome Society (the Canadian Society of Trisomy 21), a Canadian NGO specializing in supporting people with trisomy 21. To make their voices heard, the NGO called on photographer Hilary Gauld as part of its a photography project. Dubbed “Love Means…”, this series of photos makes it possible to celebrate love and get the word out from people with Down syndrome on this oh-so-universal subject. A necessary inspiring initiative that also aims to combat stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding people with Down syndrome.

“The aim of the project is that these stories and the images inspire, educate and create space for greater visibility of the experiences adults with Down syndrome go through, including love.”explains the photographer in a CDSS press release. “These are just a few stories and images of how love, both platonic and romantic, can exist, but it’s not the same for everyone.”

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Beth and Kirkoz have been together for 12 years.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Brie and Greg are engaged and have been in a relationship for 5 and a half years.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Jessica and Matt his best friends. “Love means someone who understands you and loves you for who you are. And who is there for you”explains Matt.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Crystal and Tammy have been together for 9 months.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Naomi is single. She would like to go to Paris with her future boyfriend.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Paige and Tyler have been together for 8 years. “Everyone needs someone to love and get a warm hug from. It’s the best feeling in the world”says Paige.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

run is a single woman and considers herself queer. However, she hopes to get married and have 5 children.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Tatem and Michael are engaged. “Love to me means respecting and nurturing”explains Tatem.

Photo: Hilary Gauld

Ryan is single and remembers his “infatuation” at school, a girl he was friends with and liked to dance to.

To discover all the photos, visit the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s website.

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