5 good reasons to recruit a refugee into your company

While some sectors of activity face recruitment difficulties and the number of refugees continues to grow, each places the inclusion of refugees and newcomers the core of a company’s recruitment strategy. His credo: make diversity a strategic lever for development. What if we told you that refugee recruitment is a bet where everyone wins? each gives us five excellent reasons to choose diversity.

#1 Unexpected Profiles for Tensioned Jobs

You have been looking for a Java developer, an animation professional, an industrial technical draftsman, a bricklayer or even an employee in the catering industry for months, even years, but you can’t find it? In France, 286,100 vacancies were not filled in the 3rd quarter of 2021 according to the Dares (Directorate for the coordination of research, studies and statistics), associated with the Ministry of Labour.

What if you broadened your horizons and looked at what refugees have to offer? Coming from other parts of the world with different and varied career paths, these might just give you the resources you need! In any case, this is what everyone is convinced of, for whom refugees and newcomers have a real pool of skills and know-how

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#2. A pool of skills and know-how

IT and programming, hospitality and catering, technical design and engineering, domestic help, data analysis and mathematics, viticulture, or even quantitative and statistical analysis, these are all highly sought after skills that can be found on the resumes of refugees in France. †

parallel, the number of refugees is increases by 3% per year average according to INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies). Enough to meet all your short or long term needs!

#3. A gain in productivity and creativity for all your projects

Have you ever felt stuck on a project? Perhaps you have already missed opportunities due to standardized patterns… By questioning the processes in which you may have once locked yourself up and adopting a slightly different approach, refugees may well take you out of your comfort zone with a real potential for innovation

What if their arrival in your company was also a good opportunity to launch internationally? With refugees on your team, it is certain that language will no longer be an obstacle. And it is not for nothing that a refugee speaks an average of three different languages! Just the fact that you come from a different region of the world and with a different culture gives you projects a new dimension and a different approachbecause the mishmash of cultures often rhymes with innovation and collective creativity.

Photo: © Dorian Prost / Each One

#4. Create positive synergies

Be it nationalities, cultures, social backgrounds or experiences, the sum of this baggage is often conducive to the generation of new ideas. At this point, the refugees very distinctive experiences and their perspectives can be valuable, especially in groups. Companies that have chosen to recruit refugees have seen very positive synergies within their teams.

In general, they notice a strengthening of cohesion between employees, but also: a better level of involvement and involvement† And for good reason, “When you overcome so many obstacles, you come out stronger”with empathy delivered by Didier Truchot, CEO and founder of Ipsos in the columns of Les Échos in June 2019. He then noted “lower turnover” teams, united around common values.

#5. Take care of corporate social responsibility

92% of 15-25 year olds want to work for a company that aligns with their values ​​and is committed to an environmental and social transition, according to the Jam Trends study published in 2020. In other words, it becomes essential for companies ofexpress their values and unite their teams around them.

That’s right, that’s exactly what everyone offers you by recruiting refugees and newcomers to your teams! And his solution will be a blessing if we know that by 2023 all European companies with more than 250 employees will have to report their environmental impact, be transparent about their social virtues and measure their governance by their extra-financial performance. What if receiving refugees were part of your CSR approach?

So do you want to know more about the inclusion of refugees and newcomers † Meeting on everyone’s website and discover his innovative solutions in question recruitment and inclusion

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